Web Marketing Services and Packages

We aim to offer a complete Web Marketing Package specific to your business needs and market. However if you only require some of our services, we are very flexible and would be happy to work with you to build a custom package.

Web Marketing PackageComplete Web Marketing Package

The hassle-free solution to creating a comprehensive and effective web presence, maximizing your online marketing capabilities and projecting a professional and consistent brand. see details

  • In-depth initial consultation
  • Fully functional website
  • Mobile website, so you look good on any screen
  • Custom look and feel tailored to your business image
  • Search Engine Optimization to improve your Google ranking
  • Temporary landing page whilst your site is being created
  • Business cards
  • Social Media accounts branded in keeping with you website
  • 1 year of web hosting
  • Professional business email addresses (renewable with hosting)
  • 1 year of analytics and web monitoring

Google Analytics

Web Optimization Package

Improve your Google ranking and monitor the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns and promotions.

  • Search Engine Optimization to improve your Google ranking
  • 1 year of analytics and web monitoring, with monthly reports to help optimize your content and site structure

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Get more relevant information into Google Analytics and gain a deeper insight into how visitors are using your website, without adding more code. From monitoring how far through a video people watch to tracking which external links are clicked, we help you set up appropriate tags, rules and macros to get the data you want.

WordPress Updates and Backups

Website Updates and Backups

Keep your website secure against potential hacks and security vulnerabilities with regular updates and backups.

Web Updates

Updates to Existing Website

Breath new life into an existing website with updates and style tweaks, to keep your business looking fresh and current.

  • Updates charged on an hourly basis
  • Or buy 10 hours of time at a discounted rate


Ebook Styling and Publishing

Have you been putting off writing an eBook because you just don’t know where to start, or how to make it look as you want.
see details

  • In-depth initial consultation
  • Styling of your eBook
  • Assistance publishing to iTunes, Amazon’s eBook store and other

Email Newsletter

Email Newsletters and Templates

Get custom email templates tailored to your business, or set up professional email campaigns.

Social Media Profiles

Set up Social Media Profiles

Project a clear and consistent messages across multiple social media networks to generate interest in your business, engage potential clients and funnel leads to your website.