quoteOpenThank you for all of your hard work, your patience, and your good sense! You were a dream to work with, and I would recommend you anytime!quoteClose

Bob Presner
President of Beyond the Box

quoteOpenConsistently comes through with well thought out practical solutions to complex challenges. She makes me look good, and I will continue to recommend Alex to others. Her skills are second to none.quoteClose

David Bird
Owner of Birds Eye Marketing

quoteOpenAlex is hardworking, resourceful and responsible. Her work is done with great care and patience. She leads her projects with strong management skills and her thoughtful approach offers each mandate an extra level of attention to detail and quality. I know that I can always count on her to thoroughly research the possibilities before jumping into something. This allows us to reach our objectives efficiently and stay on budget. Her development skills and equally matched by her training skills. Alex has the ability to take the complexity of web jargon and explain it in such a way that even a non-technical person can understand. She’s a pleasure to work with.quoteClose

Kim Fuller
Founder of Phil Communications, marketing communications agency

quoteOpenMolecularcode was very helpful at responding quickly to our needs and schedule. When it came time to rebuild our website, we asked them to undertake the work for us. During the process, the interaction with Molecularcode was very smooth and we are very happy with the new website and the resulting increase in traffic. We have worked with Molecularcode for about 3 years and continue to rely on them for support with our WordPress website.quoteClose

Grant McKenna
Director of Camp Nominingue

quoteOpenAlex was instrumental in getting my website and blog both functional and beautiful. I’m am a bit of a technophobe but Alex made building my website a creative and personalized experience, always respecting my vision and offering me tools I didn’t know existed. She helped me determine what my priorities were and never lost patience at having to repeat instructions until I understood (which was sometimes several times). If you need someone who is knowledgeable and patient, I would recommend Alex to teach you how to build your WordPress website or to help you manage things as you go along. See you on the web! quoteClose

Monique Caissie
The Hope Coach

quoteOpenYou are definitely the right web designer for me; you were courteous, understood what I wanted and did the job promptly. You did a WONDERFUL job and I recommend you highly!!!! quoteClose

Susan Portnoy
Founder of Organized Success

quoteOpenWorking with Alex on building a new website has been an all-round positive experience. Her work ethic, promptness and willingness to respond to our specifications make her an ideal partner to work with. It’s been so reassuring to find someone like Alex who is capable of delivering a top-notch package of services on both the technical and creative front for our website. The fact that she can host the site and carry on regular maintenance is a big plus as well. Alex’s services are excellent and that’s why we continue to work with her.quoteClose

Pepita Ferrari
Directrice artistique du Festival du Film des Cantons-de-l’Est

quoteOpenThe website looks so great. What an eye for detail, I love it! Working with you has been like driving a luxury model after having a clunker of a car for ages! Yes, you should be very proud of your work, because it is amazing to see.quoteClose

Dannielle Dyson
Organizer of Montreal Mini Maker Faire

quoteOpenAlex has been a tremendous help in the launch of the Montréal Chapter for Ladies Learning Code. She has demonstrated to be a dedicated mentor and lead instructor for workshops such as Intro to HTML & CSS, JavaScript and Mobile Web (Responsive Design). She illustrates a strong understanding of not only the material but also how to communicate it effectively to absolute beginners. Her positive personality and the clarity of her instructions are characteristics that I always look for in instructors and mentors. It is always a pleasure to work with Alex and I’m truly grateful for all of her help.quoteClose

Nancy Naluz
Montreal Chapter Lead of Ladies Learning Code (Training and Mentoring)

quoteOpenOur organization launched its new website on the WordPress.org platform. I met with Alex, knowing what website sections I would be expected to update and maintain, but not completely sure how to go about it. Alex calmly and clearly explained terms and procedures, walked me through some examples, provided some knowledgeable feedback and brought me up to speed. Alex patiently answered any questions that I posed, regardless of whether they were slightly off the topic at hand. Her in-depth understanding of wordpress, her genuine interest in the website creative process, and her willingness to answer that one extra question make her a terrific resource to anyone looking to create a vibrant and effective on line presence. Thank you Alex!quoteClose

Connie Brown
Programming and Membership Coordinator for the West Island Women’s Centre (one-on-one training)

quoteOpenThis is awesome! You’ve done a fantastic job building our website and working to such a tight deadline. You were professional, accessible and we love it. Our collaboration has been very easy and I will certainly reuse your services, it was a pleasure.quoteClose

Suzanne LeBlanc
Graphic Designer at Graphillus

quoteOpenAlex Ruaux at Molecularcode Web Design in Montreal is a pleasure to work with, she did a great job on helping me with my WordPress site. We worked together to create a site that I was happy and proud of. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to hire an expert in website development. quoteClose

Marie Cuffaro
Visual Designer at Purple Ink Design


Thank you so much for the workshop! She was great. It was a tall order to accomplish so much in one day, but we did it! I thought the slides were well-done and allowed for structured learning.

Fantastic!!!! It was great that it was led by a woman! With the industry being male-dominated, it gave me hope and a level of comfort to not feel intimidated in asking questions by having the instructor be a woman.

The lead instructor was great! She went at a great pace, and gave us enough time to apply the code and play around with our own design.

She was great! Her instructions were clear and easy to follow.quoteClose

HTML & CSS Workshop participants
Ladies Learning Code